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Greetings from the Dean


Welcome to the School of Mathematics and Physics.

Mathematics and Physics are the basis of the science and technology of today. Tracing their history from their ancient Greek origins makes it clear that their development has long been intertwined. Now, modern computers enable us to solve complex problems in these areas that were once considered beyond our reach, problems such as the kissing number problem, and clarify complex natural phenomena, such as the evolution of the cosmos, which has significantly broadened the range of both fields.

The School of Mathematics and Physics sets the wide-ranging goal of deepening our knowledge of the fundamental principles of natural phenomena and the mathematical structures behind them by combining the fields of Mathematics, Physics, and Computational Science, and seeks to cultivate young minds capable of critical thinking and enthusiastic in their search for solutions to novel problems in other fields.

OURA Manabu
Head of the School of Mathematics and Physics