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Departments of the School of Mathematics and Physics

Mathematics Course

Investigating the mysteries of the world through the magic of numbers

Mathematics develops as the natural result of logical thought. This field is essential in the description and development of other areas of academic study, the natural as well as the human and social sciences. The Mathematics Course seeks to provide its students the opportunity to master such mathematics through a greater focus on logic than on calculation, an approach that differs slightly from what students learn in high school. The Mathematics Course strives to help students develop a deeper understanding of mathematics along with their ability to think logically with the goal of nurturing young minds capable of flexibly responding to a wide range of challenges.


Physics Course

Understanding and discovering physical laws that control the world through experiments, observations, and theory

Physics is the field of academic study which seeks to understand the properties, functions, and behaviors of materials under various conditions and also to identify their ultimate composition. The domain of physics is nearly limitless, from elementary particles, atoms, molecules to solid substances, fluids, gases, and plasma, life and the universe that surrounds us, including the behavior of materials at absolute zero and at temperatures in excess of hundreds of millions of degrees.

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Computational Science Course

Seeking clarification of the natural sciences through computer simulations

Computer simulation makes possible the analysis of phenomena that cannot be proven experimentally. Computer simulations today have become essential for scientific research and technological development, and the field of research associated with this area is Computational Science.

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