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School of Mathematics and Physics

School of Mathematics and Physics

The School of Mathematics and Physics aims to cultivate young minds capable of critical thought who will contribute to the development of new Mathematics, Physics, and other fields that have been developing rapidly and will be able to solve new problems in society and life.

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Feb.22.2022 Announcement of Faculty Position for Female (Mathematical analysis or geometry in a broad sense as it relates to data science), (Application deadline: April 22nd, 2022)
Feb.22.2022 Announcement of Faculty Position for Female (Number theory as it relates cryptography theory), (Application deadline: April 22nd, 2022)
Jan.28.2022 Announcement of Faculty Position for Female (Application deadline: March 31st, 2022)
Feb.03.2021 New Assistant Professor CAI Yuanqing
Apr.09.2020 School of Math. and Phys. Emergency Contact Site was launched
Nov.01.2019 New Assistant Professor Ken'ichi Saikawa
Oct.01.2019 New Assistant Professor Naoya Yamaguchi
Sep.01.2019 New Assistant Professor Tatsuya Sawano
Apr.01.2019 New Assistant Professors Yuri Imamura, Patrick van Meurs
Nov.01.2018 New Associate Professor Atsuhira Nagano
Jun.05.2018 Open position(probability, statistics, or analysis)closed
May.17.2018 New Associate Professor Yasuo Yoshida
Apr.09.2018 New Professor Hideki Miyachi
Mar.19.2018 LEADER project (closed)
Jan.12.2018 New Assistant Professor Makoto Arimoto
Apr.05.2017 Online Journal The Science Reports of Kanazawa University
Apr.04.2017 New Assistant Professors Masao Obata and Ayumi Sumino
Mar.15.2017 Assistant Professor Position (Computational Physics/Theoretical Physics)[closed]
Mar.10.2017 International Student Home Coming Day was held.
Dec.22.2016 Applications for Graduate School Program with Scholarship closed.
Sep.25.2016 Associate Professor Norihisa Ikoma awarded MSJ Takebe Katahiro Prise.
May.31.2016 Physics course new HP launched.
May.21.2016 2016 Autumn Meeting of the Physical Society of Japan at Kanazawa, 2016.09.13(Tue) - 16(Fri).

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